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Data Protection and Privacy Policy

LANDATEL COMUNICACIONES, S.L., with registered address at Ctra. de La Coruña, km. 17,800 28231 Las Rozas (Spain), C.I.F B-83170944 and registered at the Registro Mercantil of Madrid, Volume 17.382, Book 0, Folio 187, Section 8, Page M-298276, Registration 1, informs the users of its proprietary website about its PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION SECURITY.

1. Treatment

a) When the user of fills in the register form with the requested personal data and accepts its submission, EXPRESSLY AUTHORIZES LANDATEL COMUNICACIONES, S.L. to treat and incorporate the provided personal data and all the generated data related to his/her participation and/or usage of the different services offered in this website into its automatic proprietary file (with registration code assigned by the Registro General de Protección de Datos de la Agencia Española de Protección de Datos).

In that sense, he/she is informed about the automatic treatment that the data accessed by LANDATEL COMUNICACIONES, S.L will have as a consequence of his/her navigation through its website pages, his/her searches, his/her requests or hiring of services or products, or any other transaction or operation made.

b) Unless otherwise specified, the submission of the required information about Personal Data will be on a voluntary basis, and a refusal to facilitate that information will not mean a decrease in the quality or quantity of the services that the user can access, unless otherwise indicated.


2. Purpose

a) The automatic collection and treatment of the user's personal data has the purpose of facilitating the improvement, expansion, management and provision of the services offered at, the study of services usage, the creation of new products and/or services, the sending of services updates, as well as the accomplishment of different marketing actions and the advertisement  of services, offers and advantages offered by to its users.

b) LANDATEL COMUNICACIONES, S.L. will not proceed with the segmentation or categorization of the user's personal data with commercial purposes, without previously informing him/her about it, guaranteeing him/her the possibility to oppose to this treatment, through an email to, or a written and signed letter (together with a DNI photocopy) addressed to the file manager, this is, LANDATEL COMUNICACIONES, S.L. society, with registered address at 2, Aquisgran Street, 28232 Las Rozas (Spain). LANDATEL COMUNICACIONES, S.L. guarantees that if it proceeds with this treatment, it would adopt the medium level data protection measures stated at the applicable regulation.

c) The purpose of the collection and automatic treatment of the user's personal data includes the telephonic or promotional marketing, respecting the user's guarantees stated under clause 9 of this legal notice.

3. Security

LANDATEL COMUNICACIONES, S.L. has adopted the technical measures necessary to avoid alteration, loss, or unauthorized access to the personal data that the user has provided, having into account the limitations of Internet. In that sense, the user accepts and recognizes the media limitations, so LANDATEL COMUNICACIONES, S.L will not be responsible for any loss, mislaying or unauthorized data manipulation unconnected to the will of LANDATEL COMUNICACIONES, S.L.

4. Access rights

  • The user has rights to access the information compiled at the file owned by LANDATEL COMUNICACIONES, S.L. related to him/her, modify it if it's wrong, cancel it or oppose to its treatment through an email to, or a written and signed letter (attaching a DNI photocopy) addressed to the file manager, this is, LANDATEL COMUNICACIONES, S.L. society, with registered address at Carretera de La Coruña, km. 17,800 28231 Las Rozas (Spain).

5. Cookies

In order to control user sessions, may use cookies when the user navigates its sites and web pages. Through those cookies the system identifies the user, avoiding that he/she needs to re-enter his/her identification and password every time and allowing him/her to keep his/her configurations, and notifies him/her the number of received and unread messages. However, if the user decides so, he/she can deny the access to all kinds of cookies from the menu option of his/her browser. If the user had denied the access to cookies, none of the mentioned functionalities will be possible. The cookies used aren't able to read data from your hard disk or even read other cookie files created by other supplier. The cookies used are not harmful and are used only during the user session.

6. Transfer

The user accepts that his/her data might be transferred to other societies of the Group to which LANDATEL COMUNICACIONES, S.L belongs, to participated societies, and/or collaborators, exclusively with the purposes mentioned in the above paragraphs. As well, the user accepts that those societies may send him/her information about goods or services they are marketing. The user acceptance of the treatment or transfer of his data in the established way, has a revocable nature, with no retroactive effect, according to the statement of the articles 6 and 11 Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13th.

7. Images and information of the web

It is prohibited the total or partial reproduction of any text, diagram, image or other type of information contained in the website without express and written authorization of LANDATEL COMUNICACIONES, S.L.

8. Hyperlinks

a) The present data protection policy of LANDATEL COMUNICACIONES, S.L will not extend to the hyperlinks from its websites to others out of its control, or from other websites to pages.

b) LANDATEL COMUNICACIONES, S.L. does not allow deeplinks, neither the manipulation of its website contents (frames) by third parties, and every hyperlink from other web pages should point out to the home page of LANDATEL COMUNICACIONES, S.L. It is not allowed to use hyperlinks in this website or to this website that broadcast any material that is legally prohibited, or inappropriate for the upbringing of youths or children, or that might generate any moral rejection, individually or collectively.

9. Advertising through conventional or electronic media

a) According to the mechanism for users inclusion into the advertising lists stated in the register form of this website, if the user does not click and activate the corresponding checkbox, he/she will not be considered included in that list.

b) According to the applicable regulation, LANDATEL COMUNICACIONES, S.L. recognizes the users possibility of opposing to the reception of conventional and electronic advertising, as well as the possibility to revoke, at any time, any previously granted consents for such purposes, via an email to or a written and signed letter (together with a DNI photocopy) addressed to the file manager, this is, LANDATEL COMUNICACIONES, S.L. society, with registered address at Carretera de La Coruña, km. 17,800 28231 Las Rozas (Spain). These guarantees will also be demandable to the data dealers coming from LANDATEL COMUNICACIONES, S.L.

10. Data protection policy updates

LANDATEL COMUNICACIONES, S.L. reserves the right to make modifications to the present policy, previously informing the users about the changes to be made.

11. Applicable regulation and conflicts resolution

a) The present Data Protection Policy of LANDATEL COMUNICACIONES, S.L., its interpretation, as well as its derived lawsuits between LANDATEL COMUNICACIONES, S.L and its clients will be governed by the Spanish legislation.

b) With an express renounce to their privileges, the parties submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid-Capital (Spain).


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